[What about about next Fest?] 2021-09 - Autmumn Fest to New Year Fest - What are next event and expected Banners

2021.09.24 10:35 DropeRj [What about about next Fest?] 2021-09 - Autmumn Fest to New Year Fest - What are next event and expected Banners

Kupo! Fellow Keepers,
Following the trend, there goes my brief compilation on what's to come in next 3 months. Previous What about next fest thread.
Important Disclaimer: I couldn't locate either Stamp list from Syncs and AASBs, so if anybody has this information, please do comment with the link so I can update the selection lists here.
A little bit of future insight:
'Awakening Dyads' (ADSB for short - Global trademark name still pending) are debuting in about 3 months and in the following 3 months we have new banner formats with another change after next fest. This means, in my opinion, a way better format than nowadays with Dyads being the "best relic" in banners.
Unfortunately, this fest and next fest won't have an 100M-Choose AASB, but as we now know, 7th Anniversary fest we have a new trend of 100M-Choose Sync. Maybe not as strong as a choose AASB (Mog, Cait, Orran trio is unmatched with their AASBs), but choosing ATB syncs or Extra-BDL Syncs should be great too. Also, 7th anniversary is going to be really awesome too.
So, what are those "Awakening Dyads"?
Well, to be fair I still didn't catch the gimmicks and exact strength on those, but it behaves like an AASB, but with a twist, you can have a second Awakening mode that grants bursts of intense damage in a few turns. I would like to know more about those, so JPN players do correct me. From my understanding, they're more powerful AASBs and they're somewhat meant for those Lab bosses Phase4 shorter DPS time-frames, so you release the second mode and demolish the boss in a shorter number of turns.
And what about those "Banner format changes"?
There is not much to say here, new types of relics means new banner formats. First we start having the new 3.0 CSBs, with a 1 use only. They're interesting to have, but they're not needed. These 3.0 CSBs are a one use instant 2.0 CSB with an extra flavor. Also, the next-next fest and after that fest the banner formats start including around 2 ASDB a few dyads, Syncs, LBOs and AASBs. But we get less Dyads and LBOs per banner and have more chances on getting the good stuff like ADSB, Syncs and AASBs. So chances for better relics/banner seems better after next-next fest.
This doesn't mean banners until next fest can be ignored, but the future insight makes us think twice on drawing today.
To add up some more knowledge, we have two new trends of Syncs. The “Realm Syncs” and “DPS Healer Syncs”. The new realm syncs synergies well with realm parties granting some extra benefits. The new healer syncs are elemental focused and help DPS parties with some Overflow chases and some extra elemental-status flavors (Aria, Rosa, Vanille and Penelo seems to be the main ones released so far).
One more note: We should get somewhere along these next weeks/month the Lens shop Update and finally the possibility to buy AASBs and 2.0 CSBs via LVL4 Lens! I'm not sure the ETA, but it's about to come. From the maths we should get a good amount of LVL4 lens/day, so, you can buy stuff monthly to fill up some AASB/CSB gaps on your team.
DISCLAIMER: All banners are subject to change dates and relic composition, so don't consider future stuff as Carved in rock thing, but as a helpful insight on what probably will come and help you in future content.

JPN Date GL Date ETA Event OBS
2021-3-31 2021-9-27 FFV - Old Men Old Men Team
B2 - Old Men Team
2021-10-1 Bio Odin
2021-4-9 2021-10-7 FBC Ice Seven, Josef, Celes and Umaro
Ice Pick-up Serah, Lulu, Ysayle and Fran
Beyond Lucky Rain and Laswell
2021-4-16 2021-10-14 FFXII Balthier, Basch, Vaan and Larsa
B2 - Penelo, Reks, Vayne and Basch
2021-4-23 2021-10-21 Season 2 - Fire Group Sephiroth (fire), Bartz, Matoya and Master
B2 - Vivi Sync, Ignis, Irvine and a Random Matoya
Half-price lucky AASB below - Emperor, Papa, Balthier, Hope
2021-4-29 2021-10-27 RE-release of 6th Anniversary? Same banners as 6th ann but 1st pull half
2021-4-30 2021-10-28 FFVII Genesis, Barret, Cloud
B2 - Seph, Genesis, Zack and Angeal
Pick-up Thancred, Gogo, Dr Mog and Random Rinoa LBO
2021-5-7 2021-11-4 FBC Wind Terra, Luneth, Ricard and Nine
Wind-Pick up Strago, Fujin, Serafie
Lucky-Pick up LBO below - Faris, Nanaki, Ramza and Golbez
2021-5-14 2021-11-11 FFXI Lilisette, Prishe and Lion
B2 - Zeid, Ayame, Aphmau
XI/XIII/T0 Pick Up Sazh, Curilla, Machina
2021-5-21 2021-11-18 Season 2 Water Group Bartz, Paine, Aria, Leila and a Random Tidus/Serah AASB
B2 - Meia, GogoV, Tidus and Arc
Pick-up Raijin, Leo, Irvine
Magicite Support Draw (Gem Only)
2021-5-28 2021-11-25 FFX Auron, Lulu, Wakka and Rikku
B2 - Jetch, Braska and Seymor
2021-5-31 2021-11-28 FFIX Vivi (non-fire), Steiner, Kuja, Eiko and Beatrix
B2 Is step-up banner. Global should have a Half price 1st draw?
Pick-up Galuf, Hauchergant and Montblanc
2021-6-4 2021-12-2 FFVI Strago, Setzer, Cyan, Locke and Realm
B2 - Celes, Sabin, Edgar and Cyan
Imperil Fire-Pickup Rubicante, Fusoya and Emperor
2021-6-11 2021-12-9 Season 2 - Lightning Group B1 is a Step-up Gacha - How Global will deal with this? Shelke, Cod and Queen
B2 - Aranea, Desch, Raijin
Lucky - 1st pull half price Lightning (Sync1 only), AASB below - Queen, Shelke, Garnet and Palom
2021-6-18 2021-12-16 FFII Guy, Gordon, Leon and Hilda
II Pick-up Firion, Minwu, Scott and Josef
I/VIII/T0/B Pick-up Echo, Quistis, Cater and Tama
2021-6-25 2021-12-23 GLORY FEST
B1 - ADSB - Fang, Garnet; Dyad - Fang, Garnet; Sync - Yshtola, Rinoa; LBO - Fang; CSB3 - Fang; AASB - Rinoa, Garnet; Glint+ - Yshtola; LMR+ - Garnet
B2 - ADSB - Ace, Ultimecia; Dyad - Ace, Ultimecia; Sync - Ace, Ultimecia, Firion; LBO - Firion; AASB - Ultimecia, Hope, Firion; LMR+ - Ultimecia
B3 - ADSB - Noctis, Kain, Yuffie; Dyad - Kain, Yuffie; Sync - OK, Alphie; CSB3 - Noctis (realm), Kain; LBO - Kain; AASB - OK; LMR+ - Alphie
B4 - ADSB - Bartz, Machina; Dyad - Bartz, Machina, Papa, Ysayle; Sync - Machina, Papa, Ysayle; LBO - Bartz; LBG - Papa; LMR+ - Machina
B5 - Dyad - TGC, Rydia, Noctis, Laguna; Sync - TGC, Rydia, Ashe, Laguna, Raine, Fujin; AASB - Raines, Fujin
2021-6-30 2021-12-28 FFIV Pecil, Fusoya, Ceodore, Cid
B2 - Palom, Porom, Tellah
2021-7-7 2022-1-4 Season 2 - Holy Minwu, Wol, Hope, Rosa,
B2 - Minwu, Warrior, Basch, Wol
Mage Pick-up Terra, Edea, Krile and random Ultimecia LBG-Glint+
2021-7-9 2022-1-6 FFXIII Noel, Nabaat, Serah, Vanille
B2 - Claire, Snow, Sazh and Vanille
Pick-Up Zidane, Joseph, Cinque and Random Locke LBG
Following u/Unlode/ Mithril summaries, we can assume we should get around 200 Mythril/Month
This means that from the end of this fest to the next fest we should get somewhere around the 600 mythril.
So…. This is really, really hard to answer now. There are no exceptional banners until next fest (except maybe Water lab B2) BUT, it depends on what are your main needs.
If we consider that Lab bosses are the next difficulty to tackle and you want to plan ahead on those bosses, there is not much to say. You’re probably focusing on more elemental teams and a few realm battles here or there. With this in mind, I’ll try to show off possible banners that should be attractive to those fights (disregarding whatsoever any 3 to 6 months banners since I still didn’t look in depth at those).
But before analyzing the in-between banners, let’s do check out the ADSB debut fest banners.
-ADSB Debut Fest:
Some notations for analysis:
Relevant relics: ADSB, Sync and AASB
Flavor relics: Dyad, LBO and Glint/LMR
Banner 1 has a Fang/Garnet focus with Yshtola returning to her main healing role getting a Healing Sync and a Proshellga/Hastega Glint+. This banner seems to have a wider pool of different SB types with 6 relevant relics and 6 flavor relics. Nothing fancy in this banner, but Fang becomes a strong Wind DPSer.
Banner2 has Ace and Ultimecia focus. Ace does get some “realm ATB sync” but it seems to be just 1 turn of quick ATB for party and not self. Add a Firion into this banner and you have some good stuff to aim for. 8 relevant relics x 4 flavor relics.
Banner3 has a Noctis/Kain focus and 3 ADSB in the pool (yuffie being the 3rd). OK getting finally a good physical DPS sync/AASB with multi-element in just one but the banner seems quite disperse with lots of different characters and 6 relevant relics and 6 flavor relics.
Banner4 seems to be the worse banner overall. 5 relevant relics x 7 flavor relics. Too many Dyads in one banner making it awkward compared to the previous ones. Bartz and Machina get new tech with Papa and Ysaile getting their Dyads here. It’s almost a FFXIV banner with a random Bartz/Machina into it. It also has 4 old relics into it, so this banner seems quite disappointing to what it could be (ADSB for Papa and Ysaile would be awesome here).
Banner 5 seems interesting but only old relics. TGc, Ashe, Laguna, Fujin, Rydia and Raines into the mix. It has 4 Dyads and the rest are syncs and AASBs. Chances are you’re like Kefkamaydie and only get LMR+ from banners, but this time the worst relic is an AASB! Meaning this banner is upside down… the worst relics are the top prizes! So this is the time for your bad luck to shine!
  • Ice Weak lab boss should still be up and we have an Ice focused Fat Chocobo event. Banner1 focuses on Seven, Umaro and Celes and Banner 2 more on magical users with Serah Sync as main prize.
  • FFXI DK (the hardest DK)
If you’re still struggling against FFXI DK or you just don’t have enough FFXI tech, banners1 and 2 have some relevant stuff. But worth mentioning Totto Sync on B1 and Zeid Sync on B2. Lilisette does get a sync and Limit Guardian and Prishe goes Lightning/ice from here on, but nothing exceptional at these banners if you don’t want to rush FFXI content.
  • Wind Tech
If you’re looking up for Wind tech, we have a FBC Wind event with a really solid Banner2 focusing on Magical tech. Banner 1 focus on Dragoon tech (Luneth, Ricard and Nine). If you’re into dragoons, you can’t miss on Ricard!
Also worth mentioning Vaan getting an ATB sync at FFXII banner, but with some Balthier as main protagonist of the banner.
  • Fire Weak lab boss
The lab banners seems really attractive. Both banners 1 and 2 have good stuff. Mainly because I’m looking for favorites nowadays and I would love some extra tech for Matoya. Add up Master in the same banner and you also have a good alternative for FFI Cardia battles. Sephiroth is Sephiroth. Banner 2 has Vivi’s Fire Sync as relevant but I don’t feel the other characters in there are worth the risk if you’re going just for Vivi.
Like I’ve also said above, FFXII has a good amount of Balthier tech in it. He is a solid Fire DPSer, supporter and chainer, all tech worth of a protagonist.
To add up FFVII Banner also has some good Fire tech with Barret, Vincent and Genesis, but nothing extra exceptional.
And we have a FFX content that focus on Fire/Water and Fire/Dark with no Tidus love this time.
  • Water Weak lab boss
This is where my judgment is clouded. Because I really want stuff for Gogo. Both banners 1 and 2 seem attractive. Paine gets a Biggs sync style while banner 2 has a really strong pool with 2 ATB syncs and more magical focused. Meia should be excellent for FFI Cardia content, Arc for FFIIII and if you lack magical water, this is the banner to focus.
We also have a FFX banner 1 with Wakka and Rikku stuff if worth noting.
  • Lightning Weak Lab boss
This is where things get a little strange. They’ve made Banner1 a step up gacha and made CoD also a Lightning focused user. This means that if you get stuff for CoD, you’re probably needing to build her Bolt tech from Scratch. Global still haven’t made a “step up gacha” banner, so let’s check when it releases.
Maybe not that relevant but Vivi and Steiner get some new Multi element Lightning tech in FFIX.
  • Holy Weak Lab boss
This should happen during/after Next fest, but we don’t have much relevant holy tech during this period besides some random characters here or there. Even fest itself doesn’t have a Holy relevant character noting.
So chances are you’re looking for the FFIV event or the Holy lab event.
  • LotR Draws
  • 25 Mithril Physical AASB Draw
  • 25 Mithril Magical AASB Draw
  • 10 Stamps Sync Choice (Couldn't find the Selection list)
  • 15 Stamps AASB Choice (Couldn't find the Selection list)
Unfortunately I couldn't locate the list from neither this and next fest, so I'm referring to the last one I know. Acording to the New Year fest 2021
My reference here will be Altema Sync SSS Tier list, and I tend to agree that this IS the best list to everyone look up to!
Altema Sync SSS Tier list
Sync Selection - Worth relics in Bold
I Warrior of Light
II Maria
III Onion Knight 1
IV Rydia 1
V Bartz 1
VI Locke
VII Cloud 1;Cloud 2;Tifa 1;Sephiroth
VIII Squall 1;Rinoa 2
X Tidus 1;Rikku
XII Ashe 1
XIII Lightning 1
XIV Alpinaud 1
XV Noctis 1;Lunafreya
FFT Orlandeau;Gaffgarion
FFT0 Rem
Beyond Rain;Fina;Lasswell
Like Syncs, unfortunately I couldn't locate the list from neither this and next fest. So I've used the last one I have reference.
AASB Selection
I: Warrior of Light, Garland, Sarah, Wol, Echo, Master, Matoya, Meia, Thief (I)
II: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon, Minwu, Gordon, Leila, Richard, Josef 1, Josef 2, Emperor 1, Emperor 2, Hilda, Scott
III: Luneth 1, Arc 1, Refia, Ingus 1, Desch 1, Onion Knight 1, Onion Knight 2, Cloud of Darkness, Aria
IV: Dark Knight Cecil, Paladin Cecil, Kain 1, Kain 2, Rydia 1, Rydia 2, Rosa, Edward, Yang, Palom, Porom, Tellah 1, Edge, Fusoya, Golbez, Cid (IV), Ceodore, Rubicante, Ursula, Barbariccia
V: Lenna 1, Lenna 2, Galuf, Famed Mimic Gogo, Gilgamesh, Bartz 1, Bartz 2, Bartz 3, Bartz 4, Bartz 5, Faris 1, Faris 2, Dorgann, Exdeath, Krile, Xezat, Kelger
VI: Terra 1, Terra 2, Locke, Celes 1, Celes 2, Mog 1, Mog 2, Edgar, Sabin, Shadow, Cyan, Gau, Setzer, Strago 1, Strago 2, Relm, Gogo (VI), Umaro, Kefka, Leo
VII: Cloud 1, Cloud 2, Barret 1, Barret 2, Tifa, Aerith, Red XIII, Yuffie 1, Yuffie 2, Cait Sith, Vincent, Zack 1, Zack 2, Sephiroth 1, Sephiroth 2, Cid (VII), Reno, Angeal, Rufus, Shelke, Rude, Elena, Genesis
VIII: Squall 1, Squall 2, Rinoa 1, Rinoa 2, Quistis, Zell, Selphie, Irvine, Seifer 1, Laguna 1, Laguna 2, Edea, Raijin, Fujin, Kiros, Ward, Ultimecia
IX: Zidane, Garnet, Vivi 1, Vivi 2, Steiner 1, Steiner 2, Freya, Quina, Eiko 1, Eiko 2, Amarant, Beatrix, Kuja, Marcus
X: Tidus, Yuna 1, Yuna 2, Wakka 1, Wakka 2, Lulu 1, Kimahri, Rikku, Auron, Jecht, Brasca, Paine, Seymour
XI: Shantotto, Ayame, Curilla, Prishe, Lion, Aphmau, Zeid, Lilisette
XII: Vaan 1, Vaan 2, Balthier, Fran 1, Fran 2, Basche, Ashe, Penelo, Gabranth, Larsa, Vayne 1, Reks 1
XIII: Lightning 1, Lightning 2, Snow 1, Snow 2, Vanille, Sazh, Hope, Fang, Serah, Raines 1, Noel 1, Noel 2, Nabaat
XIV: Y'shtola 1, Y'shtola 2, Yda, Papalymo, Alphinaud, Minfilia, Ysayle, Haurchefant, Estinien, Alisaie
XV: Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis 1, Ignis 2, Prompto, Iris, Aranea, Cor, Lunafreya, Ardyn
FFT: Ramza, Agrias, Ovelia, Orlandeau, Gaffgarion, Rapha, Marach, Marche, Alma, Orran
T0: Ace, Deuce, Nine, Machina, Rem, Queen, King, Cinque, Seven, Sice, Jack, Eight, Cater 1, Cater 2, Trey 1, Trey 2
Beyond: Lann, Tama 1, Enna Kros, Serafie, Rain, Fina, Lasswell
Core: Tyro, Elarra, Dr. Mog 1, Dr Mog 2
Well, until next fest, when we get the next Power-creep of SB Types, we don’t have any attractive must pull banners. The most attractive, maybe due to a favoritism is B2 Water Lab and like I tried to analyze above, if you’re aiming at Lab bosses, then you’re probably looking for some relevant banners around those following weeks.
This fest doesn't seem that great. Banners still have a Dyad as main prize format and too little relevant relics x flavor relics (Sync and AASBs x the rest). Still, Banner3 for me seems the most attractive due to character pool in it, so having Edge, Maria and Locke with stuff in it (And ATB syncs)... anything that comes will add on to their arsenal. So I'm treating this fest like a way to increase my relic pool on some characters.
Next-fest itself has some good banners (Mainly Banner2 in my opinion, although Banner3 seems interesting to me) but if you’re not interested on the characters, you don’t have much to aim at those. Don’t feel bad for it, because after next-fest most banners follow the format of 2 ADSB/banner and you can look up for characters you’re interested in.
Also, from the quick look up in 7th anniversary banners, all banners are interesting to me. I’m going to have issues to focus on something because every banner has something relevant for a character I already have stuff. And they’re normally popular characters overall, so chances are you need to check out some more future insight to know if it’s worth saving or not.
If you’re like me, I don’t like to save and wait for 6 months because sometimes the wait is just too overwhelming and RNG can wreck you up greatly. So I try to keep on having fun on a daily basis with some draws here or there. Do what you have to get the most fun with and enjoy this game!
I'll thank all the dataminers and JPN megathread creators, specially u/Bond_em7 that helps immensely all my future banner analysis.
Thank you for this community as a whole, since it's an awesome community!
Thank You too for reading until here! you're an awesome Keeper! Kupo!
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I liked the best of 20 in demolition because:

  1. The longer game (20 rounds) and longer game round time made tactics an advantage - but playing the long game or run and gun was a player choice. Now as more take to a faster run and gun approach due to less round time the games are over in a flash. I just get settled in to a game and how others play/approach things and it's over
  2. We got to swap sides half way, so any side advantages were balanced. Also, it was a good aspect of the game mode
  3. The previous weapon progression was much better. The new one is a bit, weird. A change might be nice for a fresh feeling but, Famas? :D

It just feels like they've taken a well rounded and well setup game mode and turned it on it's head. Why not introduce it as a new/separate mode? "Short demolition"? It's always fast paced now and the match feels like it's over in a flash.
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