I don't really believe him, what about you?

2021.09.24 12:00 53510758 I don't really believe him, what about you?

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2021.09.24 12:00 autotldr Pennsylvania school district reverses ban on books by authors of colour

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A wide-ranging ban on books in a southern Pennsylvania school district has been reversed following widespread protests and criticism.
The ban, which was implemented last October by the Central York school board, focused almost entirely on titles by or about people of colour, with a lengthy list of works by acclaimed authors including Jacqueline Woodson, Ijeoma Oluo and Ibram X Kendi all prohibited.
While school officials told CNN the educational resources were not banned, rather "Frozen" while the board vetted them, the situation continued for almost a year.
Jane Johnson, the school board president, told CNN in a statement that it was just a coincidence that almost all the material banned by the all-white school board was by or about people of colour, adding: "Concerns were based on the content of the resources, not the author or topic."
While some local parents supported the ban - one told CNN that "I don't want my daughter growing up feeling guilty because she's white" - students mobilised against it, protesting in front of the school.
Brad Meltzer, whose picture book I am Rosa Parks was one of the banned titles, said he sat in the virtual Central York school board meeting "To stop this book ban", and read the board his titles I am Rosa Parks and I am Dr King to the board.
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2021.09.24 12:00 Prototypesama Planning on buying TI ticket on October, but I don't know if there'll still be tickets available ?

I am planning on going to TI by myself, but I want to wait for my paycheck before buying the tickets. I am wondering if, past years, tickets were sold out super fast or not ?
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2021.09.24 12:00 Enson_Chan [COTD] Phobos Space Haven | 24 Sept, 2021

Previous COTD
Today's card is Phobos Space Haven (#021):
Automated card (Green) | Base game
Cost: 25 | Requirements: None | Tags: City, Space
Increase your titanium production 1 step. Place a city tile ON THE RESERVED AREA. 3 VP
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2021.09.24 12:00 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 12:00 bfrio My first time making an order! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out but any feedback is appreciated

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2021.09.24 12:00 MountBlanc New Telegram Group for Uniswap People. http://t.me/uniswapgroup #crypto #bitcoin

New Telegram Group for Uniswap People.
Join now. I will try to update again later.
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2021.09.24 12:00 smartybrome VMCE_V9 Veeam Certify Engineer (VMCE) Certification V9 Exam

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2021.09.24 12:00 trifletruffles Why America’s Airports Suck: "Why America's Airports Suck LaGuardia and the failure of the American air terminal."

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2021.09.24 12:00 TheBookishWarrior i made this video in 2019

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2021.09.24 12:00 srs8dxb Need tips for alpha's new skin draw

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2021.09.24 12:00 ramzataztaz For the next 10 years I'm

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2021.09.24 12:00 AIMMOTH666 AZ AUDIT FRIDAY!!

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2021.09.24 12:00 Anxious_Cost_8893 PLSmanNOW kalista

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2021.09.24 12:00 Bokkuren Cell-free chemoenzymatic starch synthesis from carbon dioxide.

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2021.09.24 12:00 Tritonv8guy I'm 31 and looking for a career change, I've been a lifelong aviation enthusiast and I'm wondering if it's still possible to pursue a career as a pilot.

Im 31 years old and Im looking for a career change, I've dreamt on being a pilot my entire life. My father is a pilot, we have a Cessna in the family and I'm ready to turn my life around and pursue a career in aviation. Couple questions. Am I too old to pursue a career as a pilot? What would be my first steps to getting my license and going towards being a commercial pilot. Im open to fixed wing or helicopter license, which would have a better likelihood of my getting employed as a pilot? Any help anyone can give I absolutely appreciate :)
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2021.09.24 12:00 aquamate904 (Both 1TB) Samsung 970 Evo Plus vs Crucial P5?

Recently I wanna buy a SSD, mostly for gaming, editing(PR, AE), 3D stuff(UE, Maya).
My budget is around US100~150.
I think these two are enough for me, but I couldn't decide which one should I buy.
Which one you guys will pick, or there's still have cheaper, but good enough option?
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2021.09.24 12:00 13LionYT What if nappa’s scouter was turned off

As confusing as the title is, what I’m talking about is of thought out the saiyan saga. Nappa’s scouter was turned off the entire time meaning frieza would not have heard about namek from vegeta.
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2021.09.24 12:00 animesitemap A crippling reality for anime tourism.

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2021.09.24 12:00 UncrownedChessboard I grew up in a sex cult.

(NSFW, obviously. CW: Incest and underage sex will come up in this anecdote)
When I was a little boy, I thought my parents were happy together. I thought I had a lovely Mom and Dad, as well as an Aunt and a Cousin. My favorite cousin in the whole world, “Emma” let’s call her. At one point I remember her telling me that we weren’t cousins, we were brother and sister, that she’d heard my Dad talking to her Mom. It didn’t make any sense to me because we were about the same age (and at the time, about seven) and she had always been a bit of a prankster so I just thought she was making it up to confuse me. But no, she was telling the truth and it turned out to be very much true.
As I got older, I realized how unhappy my parents were together. I picked up on more of the passive aggressive comments and glares. One night my Mom got rather drunk and basically told me that my Dad had cheated on her more than once and she no longer loved him, but that trying to get a divorce would be “messy” and “ruin Emma’s life.” Which didn’t make any sense to me at the time. I was about nine by this point.
A couple of years later, it all clicked. My Dad was periodically cheating on my Mom...with his sister. My aunt. And he was Emma’s father. She really was my sister, my half-sister. And also my cousin, I guess. This kind of thing makes it difficult to wrap my head around even now. I remember grappling with the truth and trying to tell Emma, but she had already figured it out. She was always cleverer than me. But she wasn’t spooked or horrified or saddened, she had shrugged it off. Thought that was strange.
Emma was an early bloomer. Taller than most of the girls in our grade and with bigger breasts than most high school seniors. I think it definitely fed into her ego and I know she was having sex with a boyfriend she had at the time. I was also wrestling with an attraction to her that I didn’t want to feel, but I was a naive and hormonal teenage boy, she was the only girl giving me constant attention, and she was stunning. Plus, as I later found out, her mom was basically encouraging her to pursue me instead of the guy she was seeing.
Everything went to hell when we were about twelve. Emma coaxed me into sharing a kiss, under the guise of “showing me how” and my Mom walked in on us making out. She went ballistic and confronted my Dad, saying she would file for divorce and take full custody of me. He moved out that day and went to stay with Emma and my aunt, but within a few days he came to pick me up while my Mom was out. Told me we were going on a trip, far away. He smuggled me out of the country right under my mom’s nose.
The drive was long. In hindsight I feel like it took weeks, like a road trip. It was probably just days though. Once we got into Canada, everything was explained properly. My Aunt had long been part of a cult, an incest cult. I won’t name them here, but she had persuaded my Dad to join, and now they were bringing me and Emma into the fold as well. Of course, they never used the word “cult” or anything resembling it but with the hindsight of adulthood, I now recognize that’s what it was.
Basically one of the core beliefs was that incest was “natural” They had pamphlets all about how sleeping with a family member was the truest form of love. I can still remember the slogans on the front, how we belong with people who fall from the “same apple tree.” and shit like that. Whoever ran this cult was rich, because we were taken to a mansion-like house. I never met the leaders, but my social interaction for the following five years consisted of mostly Emma, but also occasional hangouts with other recruits our age.
We were given a bedroom to share, which only had one bed. No one “forced” us to be together, but it was strongly encouraged, and Emma was all for it. I already had a huge crush on her and she’d always been able to talk me into stuff, so it wasn’t long before we were having sex. I was barely thirteen at this point. We were homeschooled by adults in the cult, and the education wasn’t abysmal, but apart from math and history, we were taught a lot about “family.” In leisure time, we hung out with the other recruits, and at least half of them were also openly dating their siblings or cousins.
Thankfully, there didn’t seem to be any pedophilia going on, nor underage pregnancy. Everyone below eighteen was given birth control pills. Looking back, some of the leaders were definitely grooming their nieces/daughters to one day be romantic partners, but I never heard of anyone actually having sex with a relative outside their generation, at least not among the other children. One of the leaders was sleeping with her son, but he was a grown man. Anyway, this went on for years. I was seventeen before I was finally rescued.
They brainwashed me, I won’t sugarcoat it. Having been told of the terrible things that would have happened to Emma, had my mother filed for divorce and revealed her parentage to the courts...they had me believing that Emma would have been lynched or something. It definitely wouldn’t have gone well for her, and to this day I don’t think my mother had any right to out her as being inbred - that was Emma’s business and no one else’s...but the cult massively overdramatized what would have happened to her, and I loved Emma more than anything or anyone. As a sister and as a romantic partner. So I bought into all of it. I believed being with a family member was the “purest form of love.” And all of that other garbage.
I was close to adulthood myself when the place finally got busted. They were even talking to me about new responsibilities I would have. But the police had been tipped off and gotten a warrant or something, I’m fuzzy on the details but I do remember them storming the mansion. I vividly remember that Emma and I were taking a shower together at the point the place was raided and that’s how they found us, still hiding in the stall, cowering and hugging each other.
Well, they didn’t hurt us. (On a completely unrelated note, we’re white.) But they yelled at us to get dressed and only once we were did they get a bit kinder. But Emma and I were taken away by different people. I close my eyes and I can still hear her bellowing for me, for our father. But he had been shot trying to get away and later he succumbed to the bullet wound.
I remember telling the police that they couldn’t take us back to my mother, that she had tried to have Emma killed. This was not true but I believed it, and I kept repeating it with such certainty. My mother did not wind up getting custody of me, and I have no idea if what I told the cops played any part in that. But Emma and I were placed in the foster care system and taken in by different families. They wouldn’t let us go to the same family.
Well, we were near enough to eighteen anyway, and the moment I hit eighteen, I left my foster family. They did the best they could to deprogram me and I won’t lie, they made some progress. But I was still very damaged. My Dad was dead, I had no desire to contact my Mom, and apparently Emma’s mom actually escaped the police. No one has heard of her since that day so I’ve always assumed she made it to some other country and started over.
After leaving my foster family, I tracked down a few of my friends from the cult. We became roommates for a few years, while I searched for Emma. It wasn’t a healthy situation though. We all needed to heal and none of us were equipped to help the others do so. My friends fell into drug habits and I’m not proud to say that I left them behind once I found Emma. We were about twenty when we were reunited. I am also not proud to say that we resumed our sexual relationship for a couple of years, living as roommates. Until Emma’s foster mother found out we were living together and basically invited herself to live with us “for our own good.”
That arrangement lasted a few years before Emma got a job in another city and we parted ways for a while. I moved on with my life and she moved on with hers, we both advanced our careers and made new friends. Got involved in other relationships. Being apart from anyone else in the cult as well as each other, we finally had perspective. My twenties were the years that I spent deprograming.
For a long time, Emma didn’t see each other beyond occasional phone calls. When we hit thirty, we met up for a long lunch and admitted how much we missed each other. We had both grown tremendously as people and resolved to try and be involved in each other’s lives more consistently. We were living in the same city at that point and made a point to hang out. It was...difficult, trying to return to an ordinary sibling relationship. But we made the effort.
As of today, I am thirty-six. I’ve never made any attempt to contact my mother. I know she likely acted with my best interests at heart but I’ve never forgiven her for outing Emma. There is no doubt that my father, for as much as I loved him, was more messed up. As was my aunt, wherever she is. They were both victims of a cult, but so were we, and they repeated the cycle of brainwashing. I actually did some research and checked in with anyone I know who was victimized...as far as I know, the cult only had that one group and location. But most of the leaders were never found and arrested. So for all I know, they’ve started over somewhere else and are still doing this to other young siblings.
Emma and I have had our ups and downs. Gone through periods since our decision to become close again, where we took a step back and kept our distance. It’s...difficult for us. We were in a committed romantic and sexual relationship for so many years, many of them being our formative years. At the time we “broke up” it wasn’t because either of us wanted to. We’ve gained wisdom and experience since then, but we still love each other, obviously, as siblings. The residual feelings of “more” can sometimes be difficult to suppress. There have been times that we’ve “taken a break” from each other, out of fear that if we didn’t, we would let something happen again.
Perhaps it would be smarter to sever all contact completely. To wish each other well, but continue our lives without each other and go our separate ways forever. Maybe that would be healthier to ensure permanent recovery. But neither of us is willing to do that, because we get along great otherwise, and all things considered, we’re the last family each other has. Emma isn’t married, and though I’ve been engaged before, my fiance broke it off. Maybe we’ll start families of our own someday, maybe not. But if I do have kids, I want them to know their aunt.
Of course, I don’t really want to tell my hypothetical wife, let alone our kids, the full story about me and Emma. For obvious reasons, I’d rather not share that with future significant others. But on the other hand, that’s such a major part of my life and it seems wrong not to share it with a partner. But I don’t want someone to tell me that I have to cut my sister off, that it’s “her or me.” So to speak. I like to think Emma and I have effective boundaries, but part of me does worry that she and I might repeat history and wind up like her Mom and my Dad.
So yeah. The whole thing’s fucked. I have an incredible sister and being kidnapped and inducted into a cult wrecked my relationship with her by making it too close and now I struggle every day to maintain boundaries. Struggle not to mentally compare every woman I date to her. When I think of my romantic ideal...it’s Emma. Or someone with all of her qualities. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to shake that off entirely. But the thought of never seeing each other again is so painful that neither of us even want to think about it. I love her more than anything or anyone. We survived together.
I wish it had never happened. But it did. And we have to live with it.
(TD;DR: My Dad had an affair with his sister and fathered her daughter, my half-sister. When I was a preteen, they kidnapped us and joined an incest based cult. We grew up there for years until we were rescued. It's taken decades for things to feel normal and some days it still doesn't.)
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2021.09.24 12:00 TappmanC A different kind of squeeze DD - offering NFT dividends forces short sellers to close their positions?

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2021.09.24 12:00 Tessia0710 Where to read ½ Prince - C21 online for free!!

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2021.09.24 12:00 alex1080pHD Just got called into the principal office for smelling like weed.

Told them it was CBD and they let me go. Now im out smoking a spliff. Teachers are fucking stupid.
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2021.09.24 12:00 arbivark Can Universities Control the Operation of Municipal Zoning Ordinances? bloomingtom frat landlord case

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2021.09.24 12:00 findeme1234 LF: shiny galar meowth and some others....

Hi. I'm looking for a few shinies I have registered: shiny rufflet, shiny galarian meowth, shiny togepi(female), shiny hatted galarian zigzagoon(female), shiny hatted galarian ponyta, shiny unown c + a, shiny fc happiny, shiny purified aerodactyl(female), shiny witch hat pikachu(male), shiny detective hat pikachu, shiny ash hat pichu, shiny purified omanyte (female).
I also have some interest in an extra of shiny shieldon(female) or shiny paras(male)
Below are some things I can trade or if theres something else you are after, let me know.
For trade I can offer high cp: 3500 garchomp, 3000+ dragonite/ttasalamance/hydregon/metagross,etc. Or things like chandalure/lucario or togekiss <1500 or <2500 or > 2500, ducklet <500.
Or hc swampert, fp venusaur, mm metagross, hc empoleon, bb charizard, bb blazkin, bb typhlosion, fp meganium, galarian stunfisk, medimite etc.
Or legendaries: mewtwo(sb or psystrike), registeel, kyogre, groudon, dialga, giratina a or o, palkia, cresselia, armored mewtwo etc
Or others like goodra, rotom, sandile, pawniard, klefki, noibat, noivern, bouffalant, tropious, herracross, kang, meowstic, etc
Or Shinies: Wurmple, Fashion hat croagunk, Pidove, Bidoof, Deino, Klink, Almonola, Whismur, Azurill, Igglybuff, Ferroseed, Go fest pikachu, Slowpoke, Alolan grimer, Trubbish, Militank, Cubchoo, Gible, Larvitar, Budew, Elekid, Meltan, Magby, Vulpix, Grimer, Kricketot, Bow smoochum, alolan marowak, woobat, pika visor charmander, qwilfish, caterpie, umbreon(LR <1500), dwebble, venonat, chansey, bulbasaur, clefairy, houndour, eevee, teddiursa, alolan exeggutor, alolan diglet, alolan rattata, chinchou, voltorb, dratini, krabby, machop, snover, magikarp, marill, seel, sandshrew, alolan sandshrew, geodude, alolan geodude, alolan vulpix, swablu, lunatone, totodile, zangoose, meditite, mr.mime, horsea bronzor, barboach, ponyta, snubbull, skarmony, chimchar, buneary, koffing, alolan meowth, poocheyna, feebas, clamperl, abra, beldum, bagon, poliwag, carvanha, tentacool, wailmer, sentret, anorith, sabeleye, kabuto, pinsir, roselia, mankey, shellder, scyther, kabuto, slakoth, psyduck, mincinno, ryhorn, lotad, castform, ekans, turtwig, chimchar, sneasle, treecko, tailow, aron, illumise, dunsparce, volbeat, patrat, ralts, croagunk, baltoy, drifloon, piplup, luvdisc, murkrow, trapinch, spoink, drowsee, minun, plusle, makuhita, zigzagoon, torchic, shuckle, stantler with bells, swinub, skarmony, gligar, pineco, onix, yanma, sunkurn, natu, aipom, sudowoodo, mareep, cyndaquil, chikorita, cubone, magnemite, growlithe, weedle, omanyte, gastly, spoink, meditite, wobuffet, jigglybuff, misdrevous, shuppet, skitty, charmander, Duskull,
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