This just happened while I was booting my scph-5502

2021.09.24 10:10 SovietRussia91 This just happened while I was booting my scph-5502

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2021.09.24 10:10 Kalosyni Pikachu event coin discrepancy

People are receiving 14k coins while folks like myself STILL cannot claim the pre-registration Pikachu, I know there's no way to give out coins without making that discrepancy even larger but its honest to god bullshit and incredibly unfair that stuff like this is happening.
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2021.09.24 10:10 mydaytimetrauma Y&R ratings for the last 7 years vs the other 3 soaps and network tv in primtime

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2021.09.24 10:10 JephriB I hiked 22 miles today to see the larch trees in the Enchantments. It was worth all 70k steps.

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2021.09.24 10:10 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 10:10 rmf1989 Freddie Mercury had just finished his meal in a Greek restaurant when the waiter came over with a couple of plates for him to smash.

"Can you go and get me another one please?" Asked Freddie.
"Why?" Asked the waiter.
"I want to break three."
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2021.09.24 10:10 Beautiful-Fig91 What do you wanna to write here (write anythingin your mind)?

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2021.09.24 10:10 football98981 Curtis Blaydes vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik as rated by the fans (UFC 266)

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2021.09.24 10:10 bmensah8dgrp SCVMM smb

Has anyone been successful connecting scvmm to truenas smb?
For smb it fails due to the fact that it’s not smb running on windows:
add smb to SCVMM ms docs
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2021.09.24 10:10 Loud_crows My experience with TMS over the summer

I have severe depression and anxiety, which I've had my entire life. Medication has generally been what's worked for me, but this last spring my depression noticeably worsened. I already take the highest safe (for me at least) dose of sertraline, and I didnt want to go through the hell that is changing medications.
Enter TMS. I was fortunate enough for it to be covered by my insurance (though those copays add up quickly) and I did daily sessions 5 days a week for both depression and anxiety. I did this for about 2 months, and it's helped tremendously. It didn't do much at first, but as the treatment went on (and the power was increased bit by bit to an actual therapeutic level) I started noticing real results. My depression and anxiety eased up, and I began feeling "normal" again. (Enough so that friends and family noticed and commented on it)
Now that I've finished treatment, the big question is whether these effects are going to stick. It's been about 3 weeks since my last session and so far so good.
Now the negatives - The treatment made me fatigued, sometimes making it hard to feel awake enough to drive home. I'd be exhausted pretty much all day afterwords, and this killed my productivity.
The actual treatment (once at full power) certainly doesnt feel good. It's like a horrible headache that at times I even felt in my left canine tooth. However, these never lingered and once the current stopped the headache was 100% gone. Horrible headaches are a lot more manageable when you're only feeling them for a few seconds at a time.
Lastly, the procedure gave me a noticable tremor in my hands. Said tremor would be at its worst right after a treatment session. It eased up as I neared the end of my treatments, and since finishing them it's gone away completely.
Overall I'd say it was an effective treatment for my depression/anxiety. I'm still on my regular meds and have no plans to get off of them. Assuming the TMS results stick, I'd consider it a complete success. Some people end up having to come in for "catch up" sessions to keep the results going. Some people never have to do that, and others end up getting the treatment every few years.
As it stands, I'd be willing to come in for catch up sessions every few months (or years) if it meant staying at my current mood levels. The negative side effects from TMS are much more manageable than the ones I've gotten from medications, mostly in that so far the effects of the treatment have stayed and those side effects (the tremor, the fatigue) have dissapeared now that I'm not doing the TMS therapy every day.
For me personally, the treatment absolutely worked. Now I just need to hope the results stick.
TL;DR: My TMS therapy was successful in its treatment of my depression and anxiety. I still take my regular meds (and have no plans to change that). How long these results will stick is unknown and differs from person to person. So far, so good.
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2021.09.24 10:10 etherealvisionsbabe how much calories is in a venti brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso with 2 pumps white mocha and pumpkin cream cold foam??? anyone? lmk thank u 😇

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2021.09.24 10:10 niuz-bot Salarii nete de 1.378 de euro oferite de către angajatorii din Bucureşti (platformă de recrutare) - [Economic]

Municipiul Bucureşti şi judeţele Ilfov, Cluj, Timiş şi Iaşi sunt regiunile în care se oferă cele mai atractive salarii pentru viitorii angajaţi, cu marje cuprinse între 740 şi 1.378 de euro net, arată o analiză realizată de o platformă de recrutare online.
Potrivit sursei c...
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.09.24 10:10 Professional_Map3373 20M Want to Watch The French Dispatch

I’m looking for anyone in the NYC area who may be interested in watching “The French Dispatch” when it comes out in theaters. My friends aren’t really into these kind of movies so I don’t really have anyone to go see it with.
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2021.09.24 10:10 Cultural_Attache Chileans Demand Answers on Australia’s Role in 1973 Coup

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2021.09.24 10:10 fluffykintail BP and Esso petrol stations closed as lorry driver shortage hits UK

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2021.09.24 10:09 PS____TM Hong Kong’s uncertain tech future

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2021.09.24 10:09 rhtkmr050 How is Logistics consultancy Nottinghamshire the best logistics consultants option?

With nearly 30 years experience in the logistics and supply chain industry, Operations Director, and International Operations Director, we are well placed to utilise our skills, knowledge, and experience to benefit your business. We call ourselves ‘resultants’ as well as consultants. To know more about tlc ltd you visit:-
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2021.09.24 10:09 ineedhelpinbattlecat Guys i need a starter map i just bought Ark so i need an easy or medium difficulty map

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2021.09.24 10:09 BrainstormBot 🌎 Kermadec Islands Region: Earthquake (5.5 M, at 07:57 UTC, from

🌖 Earthquake! 5.5 M, registered by alomax,scevent, 2021-09-24 07:57:37 UTC (gibbous moon), Kermadec Islands Region (-28.82, -176.0), ↓4 km likely felt 200 km away (
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2021.09.24 10:09 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 10:09 _Moss_5 this dent on a wall at school

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2021.09.24 10:09 Other-Badger3636 how does Amazon FBA work? will I lose money, if I do then how much?

hey I'm 15 and I'm leaving the video games and useless stuff and instead I'm trying to do something productive. I'm a total beginner so can someone please help me out and tell me how this works?
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2021.09.24 10:09 Mockaz Relaxing music with soothing ambient water sound- 3hrs for sleep, relax, focus, study, stress relief

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2021.09.24 10:09 TweetArchiveBot Sihle Ngobese: 😂😂😂…order, Chief!

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2021.09.24 10:09 JoeSmithOfTheEast Is this a superhuman feat or still only athlete level (YT link)

A martial artist in a movie breaks a lot of bricks
is it a feat of Street Level / Low Superhuman Level of strength
because tbh, I think they used a film trick to accomplish this
or do you think a feat like that is still perfectly possible for some well-trained Athlete Humans ?
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