Espen Knutsen Hat-Trick Against the Sharks (01-24-2002)

2021.09.24 11:51 sergei-boobtitsky Espen Knutsen Hat-Trick Against the Sharks (01-24-2002)

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2021.09.24 11:51 MrStigma6969 This ain't gonna end well

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2021.09.24 11:51 VastOk2720 Internal flights in Spain (Sevilla to Barcelona)

Does anyone know if I will need a PCR test/vaccine cert to fly from Sevilla to Barcelona?
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2021.09.24 11:51 Original-Reality791 πŸš€ CoviCoin - 100X potential even more | Launching Now | Huge Potential | HIDDEN GEM πŸ’Ž

Exciting new crypto and high utility project COVICOIN centered around helping the medical industry!! πŸš€
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πŸ’΅ Reflection in BUSD, among other investor-centric tokenomics
🏦 LP locked for 3 years
Join this project with low and fast burning supply. Huge potential for massive gains all the while helping out a great cause πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
Rewarding in BUSD
πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ TAX πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€
πŸ”₯10% Buy / Sell
πŸ”₯6% rewards BUSD πŸ’°
πŸ”₯2% auto liquidity πŸ’§
πŸ”₯1% Marketing
πŸ”₯1% charity
Here are some important links:
πŸ”Ή Contract: 0x5586f6b8704658d93b8d1113f4466c4c19325990
πŸ”Ή Renounced Ownership:
πŸ”’ 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.24 11:51 Gaudexis Work Culture and Age - Question

As a foreigner considering pursuing a career in Canada, more specifically NS, I kindly ask for your thoughts and perspectives about: starting a career after graduating a MSc in engineering as a 30 years old person.
I've always worked since I started my bachelors in order to pay my tuition, but in my home country, parents (the ones who can) generally support all of this costs and most of the people graduate at 22ish because you just have to focus on your studies.
My question is: are you seen as "too old for that" by recruiters or age can be seen as something positive? Compared, for example, with someone that finished high school and went straight to university and finished 5 years after.
Thank you.
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2021.09.24 11:51 librarianlizard Wow, someone was tired! And completely ravenous when he woke up btw.

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2021.09.24 11:51 IvanOrlis Lock rekey Safewell, Rhino, Baldwin, Vline, Burton, Medeco, ASSA, Mosler, MUL-T-LOCK and Mortise

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2021.09.24 11:51 prawnbiryani πŸ’—β˜πŸ¦πŸŒΈπŸ§πŸ€πŸ¦©

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2021.09.24 11:51 Jannice515 Invest in Animated Samurai Doge NFTs!

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2021.09.24 11:51 r_t_best_person_ever Bread πŸ‘

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2021.09.24 11:51 plush-dush I beat the system

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2021.09.24 11:51 RiceCooker8055BH China's πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ central bank (PBOC) says all cryptocurrencies activities are illegal ...

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2021.09.24 11:51 OrionGrant I purchased a beaten up Gameboy Pocket and swapped the shell so it matches my switch! Totally in love πŸ₯°

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2021.09.24 11:51 cecilialupanoiaki β€œIl maialino di Natale”, il nuovo libro per ragazzi di J.K. Rowling in uscita il 12 ottobre

Io non vedo l'ora! 😍
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2021.09.24 11:51 subbowubbo I’m dropping a very exclusive method. It can be repeated and repeated, all you need is a BOA and a Cashapp, $700+ each time u hit and no need for fullz. Who tryna cop this sauce πŸ‘€

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2021.09.24 11:51 youarecrazyy Which staff user should I use?

I have F66x (Abstract Captive) and Emil (Divergent Oddity), both are 4* characters and staff users. I'm wondering who should I be using and who is better overall?
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2021.09.24 11:51 Sweaty_Pause6601 Football Manager Tactical Strategy Guide!

Hey guys over the past year of FM21 I have been doing some research into the tactical world of Football Manager and I have now decided to put it into a guide for everyone to use for the remainder of FM21 and all the games coming in the future!
If anyone else has anything to add to help players increase their FM experience then please feel free to add it in the comments!
There are so many tactics out there on the internet and around in different communities but you need to find the tactic that works for you! What may work for one person and one team may not work for you!
So I feel the first thing to do is go into into your team report section select your strength and weakness section before at the bottom right choose the squad comparison section.
This is important because it gives you all the information you need and compares your squads information with all the other teams in your league and you can now see what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses based on the data in your league
For Gegenpress you need good Anticipation, Work-rate, Stamina, Fitness
For Control Possession you need good Teamwork, Composure, Decisions, Dribbling, Passing, Off The Ball
For Tiki-Taka you need good Passing, Technique, Off The Ball, Work-Rate, First Touch
For Wing Play you need good Crossing, Dribbling, Acceleration, Heading, Height
For Route One you need good Crossing, Passing, Free Kick Tacking, Positioning, Vision
For Counter Attacks you need good Stamina, Work-Rate, Decisions, Pace
Once you have identified what your team is good at compared to other teams in your league then you have your tactical style! You can then use a simple game given template or make your own based around that style!
Now this is a huge part of how your season will go and scouting your opponent is a very important part of your pre match preparation.
While I ask my scouts to scout my opponents every week I very rarely take much notice of the scout report and I do a bit of scouting myself….
Firstly the aim is….Nullify their attacking threats and exploit their defensive weakness.
Analyse the predicted lineup and the formation of your opponents and decide where is the most space in their lineup is…..that’s where you want to have your playmaker so they have the most room to operate in. So simply…look where the most room in their team is and then put your playmaker in that space.
Once again look at their lineup and make a decision on what you feel would be the weakness in that lineup? What area? Then choose player roles, duties or positions to help exploit this weakness? For example if I see their right back is the weakness…my fb on that side will be on attack with also a winger on attack to exploit that weakness!
Now go to your oppositions strengths and weakness page then look at the data analysis page. Here you will see how they get their assist. How they score their goals along with how they conceded their goals and assists and you can now make the changes needed to your team and instructions based on what you have seen for this game
Along with the scouting you have just done you need to also be aware of how their tactic and formations will play out and how you can exploit these also.
If the team your playing is playing a classic 442….
You should know that the midfielders will often be box to box midfielders that have all round skills. The wingers will be looking to supply crosses to the strikers from the touchline and the strikers are most likely to be quick and excel at movement and finishing.
The weakness for this system?
Predictability and rigidity are typically the problems associated with a 4-4-2, as is the enormous pressure on the central midfielders to both attack and defend constantly. Having just two players in the centre of midfield can make keeping the ball difficult against teams playing a three-man central midfield
If your team are playing tiki-taka….
You should know that the goalkeeper will be acting as more of a sweeper keeper along with the defenders being good on the ball and the midfielders will be fluent in passing and movement.
The weakness for this system?
Tiki-Taka football has seen a decline in recent years, especially as opposition teams have found success in pressing the team in possession or hitting them on the counter-attack. Today, the most common response to a Tiki-Taka team is to sit back and allow the opposition to play in front of you, remaining as compact as possible to sniff out any danger in final third.
I’m gonna leave this here because this is a long post already….as I said if anyone has anything to add please comment down below!
Also If you want me to add more in how to break down other tactics like I did the 4-4-2 and Tiki-Taka then I will just let me know. I can also do this for any formations if you would like!
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2021.09.24 11:51 gRandADalf Survey on Environmental Attitude and Consumer Behavior

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2021.09.24 11:51 AshishDhamala Laravel Tip - Manage Huge Route Files By Creating Multiple Route Files

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2021.09.24 11:51 Wooden_Caterpillar64 is this a gimmick or is it really happening? EAC linux

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2021.09.24 11:51 Snezzy_Anus Worth getting on xbox one s when it comes out?

View Poll
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2021.09.24 11:51 PostAndDelete How long does the noob boost work for guys on Tinder these days?

I’m just curious , when should I see the noob boost wear off? I made a new account after few months ...I’ve had it for about 5 days now and have 29 matches and 35 likes on free version. Most of my matches are attractive, the other ones i matched to boost the Elo I guess.
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2021.09.24 11:51 smoothcrimi Bots bots bots..

So this game is amazing okay, But I keep playing against bots with 0 power who have the same strategy over and over and how the heck is it alright to run 10k bots (check market place sellers with hundreds and hundreds cards) and abuse the system and the crash the economy with thousands of cards and dry up the DEC pools and it's considered a good thing from the devs??? You lost me here Splinterlands Devs!!! This game won't survive long I guess.. Even those daily registered players that the team is proud of are probably just Bot farms..
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2021.09.24 11:51 Overall-Flatworm-587 Going to a restaurant/movie theater alone is weird and creepy

Like if I see some dude sitting alone in cinema or some fast food place I would think of him as a weirdo, like don’t you have friends or at least someone to keep you company? These loner types always creep me out
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