2021.09.24 11:30 4i5a Sussy

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2021.09.24 11:30 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 11:30 Scholar-Leather What do all think? She is so beautiful

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2021.09.24 11:30 Sweet_lifter Last weekend’s

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2021.09.24 11:30 picknmixme Request: help with sizing (UK14 by waist / hip, but large thighs). If you're UK14 or UK16, would you mind answering the question in the post?

My day-to-day knickers are UK14 M&S. I ordered some Oddballs and I needed size UK16 because UK14 digs into my thighs (which gain an inch in circumference when I'm sitting down). As such I'm not entirely sure which size to go for.
At the moment I don't have a specific brand in mind, but I'd prefer if they were easy to get in the UK.
If you're UK14 or UK16, could you please reply to this post (or DM me) with the following info:
- hip circumference a) standing b) seated
- thigh circumference (measured at crotch level, parallel to the ground) a) standing b) seated
- what brand, model, size you wear that fits you
Many thanks in advance.
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2021.09.24 11:30 jhk9080 What would be the best non-surgical method to expand narrow palate , I’m 27 and was wondering if expander works on adults. Thanks

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2021.09.24 11:30 _myFriendBobSacamano Ovo je moguće samo u Hrvatskoj: kupila stan s urednim papirima, uredila ga, platila porez, a sad ostaje bez njega zbog greške u sustavu: ‘Banka još traži da vraćam kredit...‘

Ovo je moguće samo u Hrvatskoj: kupila stan s urednim papirima, uredila ga, platila porez, a sad ostaje bez njega zbog greške u sustavu: ‘Banka još traži da vraćam kredit...‘ submitted by _myFriendBobSacamano to croatia [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 11:30 aidan_gundy checking fitment

just curious, would a lift for a second gen dakota fit on a third gen? no one seems to make lift kits for third gens and it's starting to get annoying lol
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2021.09.24 11:30 Necessary_Hedgehog85 Hyyperloop is a scam

Yes it is
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2021.09.24 11:30 S0nicL0ve Powkiddy X18S - 8 cores - discount code for pre-orders today and shipped 28th September

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2021.09.24 11:30 Big-Daddy28 Really sussy SoUS

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2021.09.24 11:30 professorfundamental Trendline for Dark Pool Volume

Trendline for Dark Pool Volume It makes sense that the Computershare transfers are having an effect on dark pool volume, which is where lots of the fuckery happens. So I ran the numbers in excel for the past 20 trading days. Here are the data with a 2-day moving average and a trendline. The trendline is extended for an extra 16 days (about three weeks) where it hits zero.
Data are from here:

tldr: do you think it's working?

Buy, hold, and transfer
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2021.09.24 11:30 BrianHouseee notify me

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2021.09.24 11:30 SzegedNewsBotka 33 új fertőzött a megyében

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2021.09.24 11:30 Which-Room-6178 Trying out a work look before return to the office. Not sure if the shirt and pants go together.

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2021.09.24 11:30 the_orest BBIG - solid gamble

I am a classic investor and hold a numer of rather conservative stocks and REITS. Since January I also hold AMC and GME, have not sold a single share. True diamond handed ape here, but with a clear exit strategy.
Since early August I also hold BBIG, not sold a single share. I believe AMC and GME both are heavily manipulated and the situation is much more intense and probably discussed within the SEC and Government than we might even know. The number of naked shares is unknown and if these stocks really explode, if dark pools are suspended, the markets might crash. Tough situation for decision-makers.
But also a chance for BBIG: This thing can squeeze easily to 30 $ or with the dividend (again confirmed the last days by the utah district court) way higher under the radar. BBIG is far from being systemically relevant, the impact on the market and politics is much smaller. This could be a great opportunity.
AMC Market Cap 20,523B
GME Market Cap 14,628B
BBIG Market Cap 607,019M
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2021.09.24 11:30 punnnnel Amazonian's Predicant Fulfillment Center Survival Guide

BASICS •You are just a number. Your thoughts/feelings are very insignificant and will only acknowledged through constant reminders to the staff.
•Your rate is trivial. It entirely depends on your spot in the line. If you are in the front 9 times out of 10 you'll have incredible difficulty achieving your rate, as all the heavy, cumbersome boxes get shifted down to the front.
•Do not EVER give 100% physical effort. You'll overexert yourself before your lunch break. Not only this, but showing too much promise will cause management to load more work onto you.
•Abuse your grace time. When clocking in, you are allowed 5 minutes of leeway before UTO is deducted. You get 3 minutes of leeway after your lunch break. Use these to take breaks that are as long as possible, you'll need it.
PREDICANT •STAY IN THE BACK!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you ever hope to reach your rate of 40 boxes an hour in a realistic amount of effort, this is the way to do it. Any tips management gives you on improving speed pales in comparison to this one. You'll have first chance at all the easy boxes and can let the heavier ones slide down the line where someone else will deal with them.
•If you're cursed to be in the front, GO SLOW!!! Don't overexert yourself! You'll be receiving all the boxes nobody else wanted to unpack, so get ready for nothing but 30lbs+ boxes. You won't realistically reach your rate of 40 an hour under these conditions, so ignore any pressure/criticisms from your manager as they simply don't understand that this is the case.
•Don't be afraid to cherry pick(taking multiple easy/small boxes off the line to predicant in succession) if it means boosting your rates! ESPECIALLY if you're closer to the front! This can help get your number of boxes up tremendously if you pick the right boxes. (Just don't get caught, management apparently hates this.)
•Always have a spare pair of gloves/a box cutter handy. You never know when you'll lose a box cutter in-between the conveyer. You're only allowed 2 items from the Fastenal vending machine every week. (If you can find them, ask your manager to let you get extra. Their ID badges are allowed an infinite number of refills.
•Get used to living with little-to-no help. PAs and Leadership are always busy and running around. It's not uncommon to work through an entire shift and see less than 2 PAs on the floor. If you really need help, flag them down if you know where to find them. If not, ask a neighbor or just go to a different station.
•If you're dealing with HR, don't. They are incredibly unhelpful and I've actually found better success by just calling Amazon employee services (located in the A to Z app.) Half the time you're looking for them, there's no one at the HR desk and you just end up standing there for half an hour with your thumb up your ass. If you do manage to come by and someone is at the desk, be ready to wait in a line of about 10 other people.
•(For workers on Reduced Time) Get used to ignoring that last 15 minute break. It's useless. Your first two 30min breaks can be used to get lunch and relax for a bit, but your final 15 minute break is an absolute joke. It usually takes about 5 or so minutes to walk to the front anyway, so by the time you do get to the parking lot you'll only have 5 minutes to relax before turning back around and walking again. If you value your time, try and find a local break room/smoke area that's not so far of a walk. Every minute counts.
•ALWAYS LOOK OUT FOR VTO!!! Since you're in a fulfillment center, you'll always be getting less VTO than other departments. You're the first stop between the trucks and the unpackers. It's your job to remove the contents of a box and sort them in totes. You're almost always going to have work. Keep those notifications turned on for VTO and always check the app constantly throughout your shift. Free time off is better than time off deducted from your UTO. If you really want to get off early, haggle a PA or Leadership about VTO. (P.S. if you're working too hard or have a position that is deemed "critical to operations" you can kiss VTO goodbye. Managers have the ability to blacklist you from VTO if they see you working hard and achieving good numbers, as it keeps their average up)
•ALWAYS BRING A WATER CANISTER!!! No, not a plastic bottle. No, not a cheap cup with a snap-on lid. Get a water canister than can hold a large amount of water and keep ice cold. You'll need it if you don't want to end up dehydrated and sweaty.
•DON'T FORGET YOUR ID!!! This is a big one. If you ever don't have your ID badge when you come into work, the security up front has to make you a temporary pass. You have to give this back at the end of the day. Not only does it take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to get one made, but if you do recieve a temporary badge, you'll have to come back the next day and have them reactivate your main badge. This also seems to take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.
Let me know what your tricks/tips/hacks are to make it through the FC!
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2021.09.24 11:30 signed7 Fuel supply issues prompt queues for petrol stations across South

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2021.09.24 11:30 poppadomnom An scannán Gaeilge ‘Foscadh’ roghnaithe le dul san iomaíocht do na Oscars

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2021.09.24 11:30 nagavista For a noob - how to compare laptop and PC specs?

Hey everyone, I work in motion design, meaning I spend most of work time (and also leisure time tbh) working in Adobe After Effects and 3D rendering programs, which are both notoriously hungry for processing power. I've been running everything off a pretty beefy laptop that has served me very well, and have been using render farms when needed, but I've been thinking of building a very hefty PC - Ryzen 5800x, 3080, 64GB of RAM sort of deal.
Thing is, as someone new to PCs and with little-to-no understanding of benchmarks, I'm struggling to work out how much difference a PC like that is actually going to make to my various workflows, and whether or not that difference is going to be enough to justify such an absurd price tag.
From what I understand, something like After Effects is very intensive on CPU, RAM, and GPU, so benchmarking each of those individually doesn't help me much. Is there some way to compare the overall processing power or speed of my laptop with this hypothetical build? And if so, could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
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2021.09.24 11:30 HotRepresentative237 Please explain these related to functional programming in js

Please explain the concepts of currying, composition and partial application related to.functional programming in javascript with examples and application scenarios, it would be really helpful, do share any resources that you came across and is good on this
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2021.09.24 11:30 Grovite Sunset from Dinosaur Valley SP

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2021.09.24 11:30 BasicIncomeOrg The long march to Basic Income begins with a single step – The unusual story of Kowiti-A

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2021.09.24 11:30 AliBahabadi common nightingale, digital painting in Krita

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2021.09.24 11:30 LoadingJustice69 What yall rank the songs on Sincerely Kentrell

what your guys opinions on the songs and rank them best to worst
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